1. Minimums for wholesale pricing is 50 pieces, and at least 5 of the same style (color/print, length, type of waistband and scrunch booty) excluding sizing.

2. All Wholesale orders must be submitted using MATRIX SPORTWEAR order slip form and on items available for wholesale.

3. Once the retailer has received the invoice, Retailer is responsible of revising it and make sure all the items requested are reflected and quantities are accurate.

4. MATRIX SPORTWEAR requires payment in advance once the order is submitted to start the process/production.

5. Retailer has a week after receiving, to check the merchandise and let MATRIX SPORTWEAR know about any issues, missing items or imperfections with the order, vendor will revise and solve the issues in a time manner.

6. Retailer is not allowed to rebrand tights, as the prints and designs are for the exclusive use of MATRIX SPORTWEAR Apparel brand.

7. When posting or uploading any pictures with MATRIX SPORTWEAR items featured, the wholesaler must give credit to MATRIX SPORTWEAR by tagging it and mention it on the post, this includes posts on Social Media (Including but not limited to Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, etc), on online stores and physical points of purchase. It is of vital importance this is accomplished every time by the wholesaler as brand needs to be easily found by potential customers in the country the wholesaler is in. Over the past year, MATRIX SPORTWEAR proved that wholesalers who have being tagging and naming the brand on social media, and show on their stores the brand " MATRIX SPORTWEAR ", (Scrunch Booty leggings) tend to sell noticeably more than websites without the MATRIX SPORTWEAR brand explicitly shown along the products. This is why we require these new actions now on, we are certain that both parties will beneficiate from this.

We appreciate your business and wiliness to work this with us, we believe that the mutual growth is essential for a successful business relationship between MATRIX SPORTWEAR and Peachee Collection. Once again, thank you for your trust and for choosing to be a part of our team!

If you agree to these policies, please sign above This document has being reviewed and approved by Sabrina Zerpa, CEO.

Payment Methods

- Credit / Debit Cards